The project brings together Dalit/anti-caste activists with academics from India and Europe.

The project’s research coordinator is:

Thumbnail portrait of David Mosse David Mosse
Professor of Social Anthropology,
School of Oriental and African Studies, London.
Contact: dm21 [at]

Other members of the project team are:

Thumbnail portrait of Joe Arun C. Joe Arun
Institute of Dialogue with Cultures and Religions
Thumbnail portrait of Dag Erik Berg Dag Erik Berg
University of Essex
Thumbnail portrait of Dominic Dravidappa Dominic Davidappa
Bangalore University
Thumbnail portrait of David Pitcherit David Pitcherit
School of Oriental and African Studies, London
Thumbnail portrait of Luisa Steur Luisa Steur
University of Copenhagen
Thumbnail portrait of Manu Alphonse Manu Alphonse SJ
Social Watch Tamil Nadu
Thumbnail portrait of Rajan Krishnan Rajan Krishnan
Ambedkar University Delhi
Thumbnail portrait of S Anandhi S Anandhi
Madras Institute of Development Studies
Thumbnail portrait of Santhi Swaroop
Santhi Swaroop
University of Hyderabad
Thumbnail portrait of Selvaraj Selvaraj Arulnathan
Indian Social Institute
Thumbnail portrait of Sundara Babu Nagappan Sundara Babu Nagappan
Vimalnathan Jeganathan
New Entity for Social Action

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